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Homeopathy Exam Bootcamp

In Action Since 2007!

Next 7 week session begins Aug 16, 2021

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M5 sThis program helps to bridge the gap between non-credentialed students and real-time practitioners. You’re given effective tools to review and study for the Council for Homeopathic Certification. Tools include seven weekly videoconference meetings, individualized coaching, downloadable materials, flashcards, quizzes, daily reflections, group messaging, and homework submissions.

In just seven weeks we’ll review all competencies as given in C.H.C. Exam Content including Historical and Theoretical Aspects of Classical Homeopathy, Materia Medica, Repertory, Case Analysis, Health Sciences, Ethics, and more!

After registration, receive by USPS Materia Medica cards, and a welcome email listing instructions on how to proceed. Next, you’ll get access to our study website with our downloadable materials.

Establish client trust by earning your CCH credential!

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What is Homeopathy Exam Bootcamp?

We’re a group of homeopathic colleagues preparing to sit for the Council for Homeopathic Certification exams. We meet weekly for seven weeks via videoconference and study together at an online website using downloadable materials, flash cards, quizzes, daily reflections, group messaging, homework help, group and one-to-one coach sessions.


What will I review during this program?

In just seven weeks we’ll review all competencies as given in C.H.C. Exam Content including: Historical and Theoretical Aspects of Classical Homeopathy, MateriaMedica, Repertory, Case Analysis, Health Sciences, Ethics and more!

What materials do I receive?

After registration, you’ll receive materia medica cards with memorization exercises via USPS and instructions on how to proceed. Next you’ll have access to website where we virtually study, receive materials, notification reminders and assignments. Many of the techniques and organizational exercises will translate into your professional practice.

What supplies do I need to complete this training?

  • Computer or laptop with camera
  • Internet access
  • Printer
  • Repertory book or software
  • Quiet dedicated study location

What technical skills will I need for this training?

Ability to access video conference from your device.

What support will I receive during Homeopathy Exam Bootcamp?

  • Technical support navigating our website
  • Daily drip quizzes and reflections
  • Weekly videoconference prompting your weekly work 
  • Homework assignments with creative critique
  • One-to-One on demand coaching
  • Diagnostic exam assesses your skills
  • Work at home or office using website, downloadable materials, weekly plan, quizzes, & homework
  • Receive hard copy Materia Medica flashcards
  • Weekly group coach sessions
  • Reviewing all content in ‘Domains and Statements’ as set by CHC for seven intense weeks

How much time will I need to finish this training?

15 hours a week suggested.

How will this training benefit my professional practice beyond exam?

  • Gain confidence in your skills. 
  • Use techniques learned here for managing your practice efficiently. Exam questions demand quick answers.  For example, can you differentiate between Pulsatilla And Kali Sulphuricum in just one minute? Don’t wait till next week! Train now and make quick decisions. 
  • Establish trust amongst your clients with a credential achieved by high standard of education, practice, and ethical competence.


As an educator, I am not an employee, endorsed by, or a prerequisite for Council for Homeopathic Certification Exam. I support those seeking the benefit of this credential and have been presenting this program since 2007.

About Me

I’m a graduate of School of Homeopathy New York, 2002, and created a practice in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY, USA. I’ve lectured at such venues as Whole Life Expo, Holistic Moms Network, and New York Edgar Cayce Center. In 2007, I began this project to benefit student homeopaths preparing to sit for their certification exams, by condensing the theories and practice of homeopathy into an intense seven-week training program.